Mayor and City Council

Mayor Eddie Reed
Mayor Eddie Reed

City Council

George Brasher – District One

Donnie Lane – District Two

Robert Morris – District Three

Rex Bittle – District Four

Sam Reed – District Five, Mayor Pro Tem

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Bro. Reed:
I looked up Jemison, Alabama because I haven’t been home in a while and I just wanted to see if you were still mayor. Congratulations on a long career.
I am majoring in Paralegal Studies this semester and as such I want to write about the election process in small counties and obstacles faced by men and women of color in my FOIA request letter. Although I am your cousin, I know that your answers will be informative and as un-biased as possible.
Be blessed.
Fraternally Submitted,
Dyetanya Campbell Williams

To Mayor Reid and our City Council:
On behalf of Betty Oldroyd (Founder/Director) and our Board of Directors we thank the City of Jemison for providing a source to remove the trash, from SonLight Center, this past Sat., 12/7/13. We want to be good neighbors and the improvements, to the property, will be on going. Hunger in Alabama is silent, out of sight – out of mind, facts are 1 out of 4 in Alabama are hungry. At SonLight we provide hunger relief and spiritual nourshipment to over 4,000 families monthly and your continued support is much needed.
May God continue to Bless the City Of Jemison as you have Blessed the least of His,
wayne f. cole
Board of Directors 

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