The City of Jemison is an Alabama municipality. Local government consists of the Mayor as the chief administrator of City business and a five-member City Council governing body. The Mayor serves on the City Council as the chair of the meetings and as a voting member.




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Earlier this year the City Council approved speed bumps on Collum Street.  The speed bumps have not yet been placed on Collum Street, and wanted to ask if this work is still scheduled to be completed?  The most dangerious area on Collum Street is located at the hill (600/630 Collum St) where children are often playing along the road on both sides of the hill.  Not only is it a blind spot for the vehicle topping the hill, but also the Residents trying to pull out of their driveways safely before a vehicle tops that hill. There have been several near misses, and hope this work can be performed before there is an accident involving a child or another vehicle.  Speeders love the hill.
 Thank you

Good luck…I begged for one when my kid was younger. Cars fly past here in a 15 mile kid was 5 when I started asking . She is 18 now. Perhaps if you have a buddy on the council you MIGHT  get some help.

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