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I live in Collins Chapel and have two request.  First -Why does it take so long to mow the grass on County Road 29 and pick up all the trash?  Also, big trucks run up and down County Road 29 everyday-all day long.  There is a sign at County Road 42 and 29 which states NO THRU TRUCKS.  Does anybody not patrol this area and stop these big trucks from tearing up the road?

Thank you. 

Yes I am inquiring about county road 126, trying to find out what I need to do to have some gravel put on the road.

I would like the city to fill the pot holes on the right of way at the driveway entrance to Peach Queen Campground. I have called and asked twice and three months have had no results! Please do this. One if out campers lost his tow dolly in one of those pot holes the other day! Lol. It took 3 days to find it! 

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