Building and Zoning staff members work to build strong relations with the construction community and to improve the quality of construction by helping to ensure that home and business owners receive the quality of service they desire, by educating the public, rather than simply enforcing regulations on them.

Its mission is to provide well-supported and specially trained public servants, charged with the protection of the common good; to protect life, limb, health, property and public welfare, by regulating and controlling the design, quality of materials, location, construction, use and occupancy and maintenance of buildings and structures in the City of Jemison.


Jemison Zoning Ordinances – (or Download Here)

Jemison Zoning Map – (or Download Here)

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We have a client looking at a cell tower site located at 1142 CR 2993, Jemison, AL 35085.  We understand that there is no zoning in the unincorporated areas of Chilton County, but need something in writing confirming that for the lender.  Also, we need to know if there is any permitting required, or inspections for the permit if required, and if a Certificate of Occupancy is issued for cell towers.  I have not been able to find any telephone numbers to discuss this with anyone with the City of Jemison, or to find out if I need to try and talk with someone with Chilton County instead, and can not find contact information for anyone there either.  I certainly appreciate any information you can provide, and an email response might be sufficient.  I can be reached by phone at 678-234-2045 day or night.  Thank you for your assistance.  Alice D. Wilcox

I need to talk with someone in City Planning.  I was hoping to get a copy of your current City Limits and PJ that I could import into our ESRI based mapping system.

Please contact City Hall at 205-688-4491. The Chairperson of the Planning Commission is Shannon Welch.

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