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Jemison City Hall and Municipal Complex
PO Box 609
Jemison, AL 35085



Jemison City Hall and Municipal Complex
14 Padgett Lane
Jemison, AL 35085



Main: 205-688-4491
Alternate: 205-688-4492
FAX: 205-688-1109
Emergency: 911


The following City Departments may be reached directly at 205-688-4491 and the extension:

  • Water Department:               ext 301
  • Permits and Inspections:      ext 307
  • Municipal Court Clerk:           ext 302
  • City Clerk:                             ext 306
  • Public Library:                       ext 318
  • Police Business Office:          ext 312
  • Fire Business Office:             ext 312
  • Animal Control Services:       ext 312
  • Auditorium & Events:            ext 319




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23 replies on “Contact Us”

Can you tell me where the storm shelters are located in Jemison? I moved there recently and I have no idea where they are.


By way of further response to your question about storm shelters in Jemison, Governor Bentley talked about this on his visit to Maplesville yesterday to review the storm damage from Monday. There is more to the story but this seemed particularly appropriate for your question. Hopefully Jemison will have some extra pull to get these monies from the State to help us accomplish this goal.

Hello Sofia, the City of Jemison does not yet have official storm shelter areas. The City has applied to FEMA for funding to develop them.

In an emergency please contact 911 for assistance or even our local Police or Fire Departments for help in difficult times.

Hello TLB, thank you for your inquiry. Jemison water does not contain added flouride at this time.

Just wanted to thank you guys for answering our call on Sunday. I found a snake in my windowsill and since we did not know what to do in those situations, we called animal control. Police officer showed up and took care of it. Turned out to be a rat snake, but it scared us so bad, we needed help.

Thanks a bunch!! 

You are welcome to contact the Mayor or any of the council members through City Hall. Please call (205) 688-4491 or 4492 to leave a message for any of them to contact you back.

I see where we will be able to pay our water bill on line in the near future. Are there any plans to set up drafting of checking accounts. All of my other utility bills are drafted out of my checking account each month. The only thing I have to do is enter the amount in my check book to keep my checking account balance. If I am out of town or real busy, the bill was paid by the automatic draft.
Thank you, 
Hubert Oliis

That is a very good suggestion Mr. Olis. We will make sure to consider that option in the initial setup. If that isn’t possible at first we will definitely keep it in mind for an upgrade in the future. Thank you!!

I was wondering if there are any homeowners associations in Jemison or community groups that help organize events around the area?

There is only one semi-organized HOA in Jemison that we are aware of. They haven’t handled any events outside of their own neighborhood to-date. What do you have in mind?

Yes, the Library is in City Hall. Enter the front of the building into the main lobby and the Library is to your left through double doors.

The Jemison Municipal Auditorium is a part of the Municipal Complex that also contains City Hall in the middle of town. The address for the Auditorium is the same as City Hall – 14 Padgett Lane, Jemison, AL 35085.

Sales tax – we are an out of state vendor.  We have no nexus in your city but have been paying sales tax through MAT.  We were notified that we need to apply for a license with your city.  I have not been able to reach anyone by phone to assist me with where to find an application.

Is there any openings in the 10-member reserve officers prpgram and how would I sign up? I think I put my first comment in the wrong place; sorry

There is an apartment complex just behind the Post Office in Jemison. For other options, please visit City Hall at the center of town.

My maiden name is Margaret Jamison. Prior to our name Jamison it was Jemison. My great great grandfather was Col. Robert Jemison. I was told by my father and grandfather that they migrated from Pennsylvania to Alabama where my great great grandfather established Jemison Alabama. My father, Robert Jamison had been given wood from a bed that was in Col. Robert Jemison.s house that burned down. My father made me a pendant necklace that has the wood from the burned down house in Jemison Alabama.

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