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Thank you for your question Lisa. Housing in Jemison is affordable with a wide variety of options. There are residential lots for sale in new neighborhood developments; there are homes available in established neighborhoods as well as individual plots around town. As for employment, there are many retail locations that hire regularly. There are some light industrial operations in Jemison with several other options elsewhere in the county (Thorsby and Clanton) off the Hwy 31 corridor north and south. Jemison is conveniently located between Birmingham and Montgomery for your husband with a driving job. He should find easy accessibility from Jemison in just about any direction from here.

We would welcome you and your family to Jemison. We are a small but growing community with many advantages to offer our residents.

I have made a decision of moving back to Jemison.  I am currently trying to look for child care for my daughter that will be attending the middle school.  But have not been successful in doing so.  Are there any daycare centers that are in the city limits of Jemison? 

Hi Mary, we have done some checking around our area and the best option in Jemison is with one of the schools. They do offer after school care. We advise you to contact Jemison Middle School directly for assistance with that.

We don’t know any specific properties to identify for you. Please check with local realtors for more information.

Looking to move to Jemison, Looking for realtors in the area. Please email me information if possible. Thankyou

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