Police Department

Message from Chief Shane Fulmer:

I want to welcome everyone to the Jemison Police Department’s web page. I hope you will find the information contained on this site helpful and informative.

The Jemison Police Department is committed to the philosophy of Community Policing with Pride, Professionalism, and Progress. This website gives us an excellent opportunity to allow you to know your police department and to partner with us in reaching our goal of making Jemison one of the safest cities in the nation. Through the use of technology you now have the ability to take a personal role in that effort.

The Jemison Police Department has a staff of 11 certified full-time positions, including 10 part-time officers, and 1 full-time Animal Control/Code Enforcement Officer. We average 500 service calls per month, not including traffic stops made and warrants served.

The department structure consists of a Chief of Police, Deputy Chief of Police, investigations division who work narcotics, property crimes and crimes against persons, seven patrol officers which includes two shift supervisors, and one Police Officer who is assigned Animal Control/Code Enforcement.

Our patrol division is on a 12-hour schedule which allows us to have more officers on shift and available at one time. The entire staff, including the patrol officers, has different responsibilities and tasks that they do within the Department that is instrumental in the day-to-day operations and that would be considered outside their normal job duties. Some of those responsibilities and tasks include: coordinating events, such as traffic safety programs, sporting events, training and certification, drug and safety awareness, and records management, just to name a few.

The Jemison Police Department also has a 10-member Reserve Officer Program which assists the Department in many ways on a volunteer basis. Our Reserve Program is a very good way to recruit good future police officers and, by utilizing their time in the Reserve Program, it gives themselves the opportunity to learn the profession and it also gives me, as the Chief of Police, the opportunity to observe and train these officers that will ensure that the Jemison Police Department recruits and retains professional and well-trained police officers.

I am proud of the work the men and women of the Jemison Police Department are doing. They are committed, they are professional, and they work hard to protect you and your property

I would like to express my appreciation to the Jemison Mayor and City Council for their support as well as the people of Jemison. We demand professionalism within our Department and that is something that will always be of the utmost importance. I welcome anyone, to whom I may be of any assistance, to call me or come by the office at any time. I can be reached at 205-688-4492 ext 315 or email at sfulmer@jemisonpd.org.

Chief Shane Fulmer