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Thank you Mark. Obviously we still have much more room to grow on the website. We are eager to fill it out further with good reference information for our visitors and residents. Feel free to offer any suggestions you might have; particularly if you are looking for something here that you didn’t find during your visit.

      Does the City of Jemison have a “Job posting” link like other local city sites? I looked all over your site for job openings, but I was not able to find any. Therefore, I wanted to check to see if theres a link, that I’m missing. If not, that would be a GREAT link to add 😉

Eventually we should have this on the website. Thanks for the suggestion! At the moment we are not aware of any job openings with the City. Feel free to contact City Hall at 205-688-4492 or if you need personal assistance.

Chief ,  This is good news Chief , my family and I will be relocating to Jemison by the end of January I will be relieved to know that additional Firefighters will be on call while I will be away at the department I work at  . This will be a comforting thought , I salute your department and its members and if I can assist in any way feel free to call at 205-777-7921.  
Gerald Harris

I have two questions. First where are the questions that are answered in a lot of your responses, I have looked and refreshed  and nothing? Second is this site updated or am I not looking in the right place?

Just as this answer, the answers are usually just under the question asked. Not every comment made or question asked is appropriate for the website and approvals are needed before anything is posted. In particular, some people include personal information in their post which is not good to have on any website for their protection. Please let us know how we can help you further.

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